Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Monday! It is spring and the weather is so nice here! We had a fabulous Easter Sunday, Samuel's first. One day last week I was holding Samuel and we were talking, as we often do. It was the perfect time to tell him about this special time of year and how we celebrate Easter and what it means to us: Our Savior is NOT dead! Samuel was just as excited as I was, laughing and enjoying my story. It's such an honor to share such good news with him. I'm happy to have that responsibility.

Even though Easter was like a spring-time story, Kevin and my spirits were a bit dampened when noticed Samuel was not his usual self. He fell asleep during song service and was very lethargic all day; not normal for him. In the evening he started getting fussy and I noticed he felt warm. After I took his temperature, I was shocked to see it was 101.5! We had a doctor's visit scheduled for this morning so I decided to give him some Tylenol and wait until the morning. Samuel is so smart! He learned that if you go to the doctor with a fever, you can't get any shots. I told him not to get any ideas, he still has to get them eventually. But there is some concern as Samuel does have a cough and his throat is irritated. So instead of getting his Synagis shot (vaccine for RSV), he got some antibiotics and increased breathing treatments. And lots of TLC from his momma! Even though we know he isn't 100%, as long as his fever is under control, he is in very good spirits. I told Kevin if this is his "I'm grumpy and sick" mood, then I can handle it. Other news from the doc: weight is up still (even more) and that impressed the P.A.

Every time we go out, I am reminded of how a baby changes EVERYTHING! I'm happy to do it but there is no such thing as "running out" for a minute any more. This weekend Samuel and I attended a bridal shower for a friend from church. I was a little frustrated because we were late but that is the story of our lives now. Late to everything. But this shower was exciting as I got to share a little about Samuel and his story with some ladies I met there. Each time I tell it, I'm reminded of how awesome the hand of God is in his young life. And although it can bring back painful memories of the day we got the news, sharing his story, I believe, is just the beginning of the miracles he will witness in his life. I'm so excited that even though Samuel is so young, he is still a tool to uplift the faith of those he meets. I pray he continues to be fully used in this way until God's plan for him enters the next chapter.

Thanks for checking in. And, of course, we STILL believe!

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