Tuesday, December 23, 2008

All I want for Christmas...

I know it's been a while since I've posted anything. We've been busy with Christmas coming (tomorrow!) not to mention chasing the little man around. And cleaning everything up.

The other day we had Spaghettios for lunch. He insists on eating his food with a utensil in hand. He might not use it, but he has to have it. Most of the time, he has to have 2 or 3.

A week ago he woke up and we were at Miss Amy's house when I noticed his eye. It was goopy and crusty but not pink. He'd had a runny nose for a little over a week but I thought it was closely related to the 2 front teeth he has coming in, just in time for Christmas. But the eye thing had me a little concerned. The Dr. wanted to see him so later that morning we went to visit the pediatrician. Turns out Samuel has an ear infection in both ears! Yuck! For 13 months we have avoided any ear infection that Kevin and I seemed to get so frequently when we were his age. But we can avoid it no longer. One lesson I have learned from this latest round of antibiotics: The strawberry flavoring is Samuel's favorite so far. He's not into the bubble gum flavor.

This evening we decided to take Samuel to see Santa and have his picture taken with the man in red. As it turns out, Bass Pro Shop was hosting the big guy and giving away free pictures with him. I was a bit fearful of the potential disaster this was going to be, seeing so many photos recently of children Samuel's age crying through the whole experience. But, as stated so many times before, we have a trooper on our hands. He was a great little guy, smiling and even waving goodbye!
While we were at the store, we thought we could play a little...

A little random, but this is video of Samuel eating lemons for the first time.

Last week we were blessed with some early Christmas blessings when my dad came for a week. While he was here he offered to help make my house more of a home (thank you!) and he had some help in the process. What a good helper! And what a fabulous red wall! Thanks so much grand-dad!

Laughing and playing with Grand-dad. There are some of the sweetest sounds in this video! And it's cute how he tries to copy what he sees.

And, the most requested video of late: a longer video of Samuel walking.

Have a very Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

I do love the red wall! My dining room is a cranberry color. I love the bold ones. Looks like Samuel is doing great on his walking. Thanks so much for the Christmas card. I didn't have your address, until now :(

jkear said...

You might try and EarCheck (www.earcheck.com) to assist in diagnosing and monitoring an ear infection. It is a great little tool; I used it last night and it works. If confirmed an ear infection so I gave her some Tylenol to sleep and then went to the doc this morning who confirmed it. No more unnecessary trips and co-pays. It is great peace of mind!