Friday, October 31, 2008

Samuel is 1!

My little boy is growing up. Yesterday was his birthday and all day I kept remembering what I was doing at that moment a year ago. Samuel's grandparents (Erica's mom and dad) were able to come visit for his birthday so he got extra spoiled and didn't have to go to Miss Amy's house for a few days. For his birthday we had some friends and family over for some cake and ice cream. We watched him play in/eat his cake and attempt to play with the gifts he received. He was so sleepy by that time, there were about 2 that he was fascinated with. All in all, it was a great time. Thanks to all who could make it or otherwise shared in the celebration.

On his big day, Samuel figured out a new way to get to things he's not supposed to have. We have a lamp and some glass coasters on a table in the living room. He's not allowed to play with these things. Yesterday, Samuel figured out how to get to them in a new and exciting way: go the back way. This is him leaving the scene of the crime.

Today I saw the funniest thing. I saw a Hawaiian surfer on a John Deere tractor being attacked by a bear! Who would have ever thought?

I have finally uploaded some pictures from recent trips or local adventures. Tennessee was great and the photo ops were plenty. Some of my favorites: our golf trip.

There is a local farm, Schnepf Farms, where we took our youth group a few weeks ago. If you are looking for some great entertainment for your family or group, I highly recommend it. There are so many things to do there for all ages: rides, corn maze, train rides, hay rides, food, pig races, petting much to do. We got started a little late but still enjoyed ourselves. Just get your tickets at Fry's Food first and save $2....always important.

Samuel has been doing great at Miss Amy's. No more tears all morning like the first few days. He's got some great friends over there in Delaney and Timmy. The other day Timmy even got up from Dora to welcome Samuel there for the day. I can already tell a difference in how he interacts with other kids, even though those 2 are older than he is. He's doing very good and I'm very proud of him.

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