Saturday, January 31, 2009

1 sick little boy + 1 sick big boy = no fun

Samuel at the pediatrician's office. Sleepy!

Samuel is still sick. Or maybe he's sick again. He was on zithromax all last week for ear infections. I suspect they never went away from a few months ago. So, last Friday we finally wiped our hands of the antibiotics and went on our merry way. Monday, sick. Fever. Bad, bad cough. Back to the doctor. One ear is STILL infected. So we have a new (to us) antibiotic to clear up that ear, hopefully once and for all, and cover whatever may be getting started in his chest. A few nights ago it was like old times...up every hour. Thankfully, that was just a one-night occurance. Now he's sleeping quite a bit and has been asleep for most of the last 18 hours. Maybe he can sleep this off.
Kevin, too, is sick. Cough, the cruds. He was so sick yesterday I convinced him to go to Urgent Care. So I'm now taking care of my sick men...

Lately my kitchen hasn't seen much activity of the cooking variety. Samuel gets all the stuff out so it looks like I've been busy, but we've been eating dinner at more convenient locations lately. Those times are the best for picture taking so here are some of my favorites from the past few weeks:

Wendy's - This is progressive. Eating chicken nuggets and french-fry sword fighting with dad makes one little guy very happy!

But something goes amiss...Oh NO! What's wrong? It would appear he got a swat on the hand but I've never swatted him so hard to make him cry. Usually he laughs at me. I suspect his feels were more hurt than anything else.

Buffalo Wild Wings - He was so into the fight that was playing, he was turning into a high-chair potato. With all the TVs in that place, the only one he wanted to watch was the fight. It was very strange.

Let me put in a plug for the Mesa, AZ location of Buffalo Wild Wings. This was our experience that night. We went there for dinner a few Saturday nights ago. We weren't planning on watching the fight or anything there, just eating. We decided to sit outside since it was very nice with the heaters on and no wait. Just as we got settled in at our table (meaning, all of Samuel's stuff out of the bag) 2 guys came outside and were smoking at the table next to us. It never occured to us that people would be smoking but they were allowed since we were outside. Kevin went in to ask our waiter what we could do and briefly explain Samuel can't be around that. The staff, hostesses, manager, everyone immediately took action and we were invited to move inside at the next clean table. We were so impressed with the staff. Being so busy, they could have easily said "No, there isn't anything we can do." Thanks to Buffalo Wild Wings for your outstanding service on such a busy night!

Barro's for Pizza and Salad. Samuel got his own drink with a fancy straw. He learned to make it whistle that night but was easily distracted by kids playing in the other room.
When I came home the other day, this is what I found:

Last post I mentioned Samuel's vest was coming. It's here and it's wonderful! We did a 10-minute session the other day and Samuel did great. It didn't take long to figure out it made his voice sound funny. When we first started the machine, he was a bit scared but that passed when Kevin was holding him. Samuel did great and we are so excited to have this! We have video but can't upload it this time. Maybe in the next few days.
Thanks for checking in.

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