Monday, February 16, 2009

He's a boy!

Samuel is growing up so fast!

We've been using the new vest on a regular basis. It's been a challenge as we are supposed to do it for 1/2 hour in the mornings and 1/2 hour in the evenings. We are working up to that, though, since 30 minutes is a long time to a 1 year old. Not just that, but squeezing 30 more minutes out of the day is tricky. But it is a great time to read to Samuel, snuggle, or watch his favorite TV show, Yo Gabba Gabba! Samuel enjoys the vest. Thank goodness! The other day he actually fell asleep in my lap while doing his therapy. It must be relaxing but it is also a bit loud. Must be like white noise or something. A little video from the first time he had it on:

Since he's been having to take some pretty nasty tasting medicine, I decided to try something new with him. I remember reading somewhere that if you have to give some yucky meds, give it with Dr. Pepper since the 21 flavors, or however many are in Dr. Pepper, cover the bad flavors. The good news is that he got the medicine. He was also sugared up and ready for play when he got to Miss Amy's that first day. He knows what he likes and it's watered-down Dr. Pepper.

Like most kids, he enjoys sugar in any form, really. He's been getting M&Ms from time to time and Kevin is convinced he can hear the zip-lock bag open. Can you blame him?

Miss Amy gave him a box of little conversation hearts for Valentine's Day. He must have had some at her house because he knows what's in the box and today he actually climbed on top of Lucy's dog-bone box to get them out of the pantry. Today, snack was not complete without some candy. More candy than I would have liked him to have.

Samuel is really getting into climbing up on things. The new vest box is especially convenient since it's next to a chair. Not exactly what I would like him to be climbing on, but it's very stable and can't tip over.

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Cindy said...

Samuel is so cute! What kind of vest do you have? My daughter, Reilly has The Vest, but yours looks different than ours. Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself. I have met lots of wonderful folks who have CF, or are CF parents. If you hop over to my blog, you will see them in my blogroll. :o)