Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sleepy Sundays

While the babe is taking a nap and the house is fairly quiet, I have a few minutes.

Samuel is doing just great! We are eagerly awaiting the news of the arrival of a new cousin for Samuel, Hans, until another name is announced. Samuel has been practicing his tricks getting ready to teach a new follower. Things like, signing "whiskey" instead of "drink" and signing "more" and then sticking his fingers in my mouth to fish out what was just put in there. He's been keeping me pretty busy with a new set of golf clubs that were destroyed within 5 minutes of taking them out of the container. And sailing his sippy cup down the slide. He's such a fun guy and I love him so much and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Lately I have been having trouble putting him to bed to sleep. In the past, he's gone to sleep on his own with no issue. Lately, though, he's just crying non-stop when he's put in his bed. I know the worst thing to do is go take him out, but I'm going to have to work those problems out later. I have to get him out of bed, then take him downstairs to swing him to sleep. Thank heavens I didn't give his swing away. It's been a lifesaver the past few weeks. That, and Baby Einstein DVDs, especially the sleep one. Hopefully soon he will get back to putting himself to sleep, in his own bed.

Today we went to lunch with some friends to Garcia's Mexican restaurant. Samuel was feeling a little grouchy so we were just trying to maintain a pleasant atmosphere for everyone and were giving him things that would keep him happy. Chips, loves them. So, chips he got. But then the waiter put something new on our table. Something we had never seen before at a Mexican restaurant, served like salsa. It was bean dip. Samuel, like most kids, loves to dip his food, so he took a chip and dipped it in the beans. Luckily, it wasn't spicy because it was in his mouth in a flash. At that moment, life, as Samuel had known it, ceased to be. A life without bean dip is not one he wants to live. The boy ate 2 small bowls of bean dip. Oh, and a slice of the cheese crisp he was ordered (it's a tortilla with cheese). It was very funny over lunch, 2 hours ago, but I can just guess the report I'm going to get tomorrow from Miss Amy. It's going to start with "What are you guys feeding him?!?" Followed by something like, "he's had really bad gas today" which will crack him up. He's such a boy. And an Engle boy, at that.

In other news, thank goodness for Samuel's aunt Lori. If it weren't for her and her fundraising efforts on behalf of Team Samuel, this team would be in a big pile of bean dip (and all that implies). She organized a benefit concert for the CF Foundation that was a great success. Thanks to all who participated and donated so freely of their time and talents. As for the other members (and team leader), well, um, there really aren't excuses. But I'm blaming the economy. Donations on line have been incredibly low. It's almost so bad I'm starting to think the link I've been posting is incorrect. Any other ideas?

Meanwhile, I'm thinking about putting together another video. If you would like to submit a picture to be in a video for Team Samuel and the CF Foundation, please leave me a comment with your contact information and I can talk to you about what I'd like to do.

Thanks for checking in. Have a fantastic week!

*sorry no pics this week. Maybe next time. If you REALLY need a picture, check out my Facebook page.

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Anonymous said...

The sign language was cracking me up! I'm glad he likes the bean dip! They have a cheese/bean dip at our Mexican Restaurant, it's so melty and good I'm sure Samuel would love it! Poor Miss Amy! Good update! Can't wait to hear the news of Hans :)