Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Play is the work of a child:

So, I realize it's been over a month since this blog has been updated. I'm a bad blogger, I know. But, really, honestly, I was beginning to think nobody was reading it since there are minimal comments. And, to be even more honest, I've only heard from one person asking for an update. (Thanks, Mom.)

This is the update. Last CF visit went well. His culture didn't grow any abnormal bugs, thank you God. However, about 2 weeks ago, Samuel started to develop a fever on Saturday afternoon. Not the best time to get a fever. We dealt with it the best we could that evening but by Sunday morning, church time, the fever was too high to treat at home. We took him to the only urgent care open at 8am on Sunday morning, not a pediatric specific facility. The doctor heard the words "cystic fibrosis" and diagnosed an upper respiratory infection and prescribed zithromax. Samuel had his first dose that day and seemed to be feeling much better...until 11:00pm. Then, our thermometer was reading an extremely high temperature, around 105.

After the pediatrician, my first choice for pediatric urgent care centers, Phoenix Children's Hospital's east valley location at Higley and Southern, closed at 11. Second choice is Good Night Pediatrics. We loaded Samuel up in the car and head up to Good Night Peds. Saw the doctor around midnight and he did some preliminary bloodwork and tried to get a urine sample. We've discussed urine samples before, but let's just say, Samuel doesn't yet know how to pee in a cup (Put him in a warm bath and that's a different story - he'll fill the tub with pee). Samuel's white blood cell count was 34.8 (thousand...cells per unit?) while the normal range is around 3-10 (again, thousand per unit of measure or whatever). Keep in mind, this was after that first double dose of zithromax earlier in the day.

The doctor at Good Night Peds referred us to Banner Desert Pediatric ER. We showed up at 2am, Samuel got his first IV with some fluids and antibiotics, in his very own negative pressure room, thank-you-very-much! While there, they took more blood, did another catheter and started cooking some cultures. By 5am, we were free to go home.
At this point we still had no clue as to a diagnosis. The perplexing part in all this...Samuel's only symptom was his fever. He had no cough, no runny nose, no strange rashes, nothing unusual. In fact, all the doctors, nurses and techs commented on how his lungs sounded clear.
On Tuesday we saw our regular pediatrician, Dr. Gentile. Dr. G ordered a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia, even with the no-cough thing. There is a reason I like Dr. G. Later that afternoon I got a phone call. Samuel didn't have pneumonia but he has bronchitis. "Continue with the antibiotic Dr. Gentile prescribed." The antibiotics...his third different medicine in 2 days.
So now we have learned a few things worth sharing:
1. Don't take your child to an urgent care that doesn't specialize in pediatric care.
2. Don't trust the first doctor you see.
3. When giving nasty medicine to a sick kick, chocolate pudding is a miracle. He keeps coming back for more.

Any mommys have experience with bad diaper rash from strong antibiotics? I'd love to know your remedies.
What else we've been up to while away:

Falling asleep with dad and Lucy (it looks like he only has 1 leg in this picture!)

Just can't wait for mom. He has to get the cereal himself.

Future GW University student

Playing at Bass Pro Shops. Yes, we do go other places but they don't have as nice of photo opps.

Musically minded...

Just can't stay awake for shopping.


Grammy said...

We check your blog daily! We've been missing the updates, but knew you were busy. Can't wait to see you at the end of the month. Love, Grammy and Aunt Lori

Anonymous said...

I was missing the blogs! I check on them regularly. I just imagined you were getting all geared up for the CF benefits. So I hear you're going to be an aunt in a few days :) Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Eri, Thank you for the update! I, too, check the blog almost every day!