Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vegetables? FINALLY!

It's finally happened. Samuel wanted to eat veggies! After months and months of putting the on his plate/tray and watching them end up in Lucy's mouth (Lucy is our dog), he was shoveling them in like it was going out of style. Of course, they were smothered in butter. How do you eat YOUR veggies?

Some other quick tricks I've learned recently: Grating carrots into mac N cheese is a good way to sneak in some veggies, which, apparently, I don't have to do anymore! We really like Easy Mac because it's a great portion size for Samuel. Husband and I don't need to be eating mac N cheese as much as Samuel does. The cool trick, though, is to add a little heavy cream to the cheese mix. It makes the cheese sauce creamy, obviously, but not watered down. It's a great way to add extra fat and calories. I'll share more tips as I come across them.

The past few days, Samuel has been learning something new. Seems like it's been faster the past few days. Friday, he came home saying "You're BAD!" and pointing his little finger. I'm pretty sure he's seen his father say that to Lucy a time or two because we DO NOT say that to him. Miss Amy does not say that to him. Her words for unacceptable behavior are "That's naughty" My choice: "That's not nice" or "We don't do that." It makes sense because he's mostly telling the DOGS they are bad.

By Sunday, "You're BAD!" turned into "You! You're BAD! Alright?" This of course, was met with, "No, that's not alright. I'm good!" But, like I've heard, you can't reason with a toddler. This is still true, in case you were wondering.

Did I mention Samuel received a gift this past week? He brought home a Mr. Potato Head and was delighted to play with it. I could hardly believe my eyes when he was still sitting in the floor playing after about 10 minutes. And it was at that moment Mr. Potato Head went flying across the room. It does sorta look like a football...

In my last post, I mentioned my guest blog and compared to time when I had to give a speech. Now, for those who have asked, it was NOT a coincidence that I did NOT mention the topic of my speech. Those who know me and my family may know it already. But those who don't, well, you've already got enough information about my perspectives. There's no need to discuss anything else controversial.


Ronnie "Sickboy" Sharpe said...

Mandi used to have mac and cheese mixed with peas and I think maybe tuna as a kid...


Tricia said...

Smoothies feel like ice cream to a kid and they are packed with nutrients and protein if you make them right. And you are completely in control of what goes into them. It was an easy way to get calories and protein into my FigNewTon when she was so sick.

And about the other story. When my Butterfly was two she started running to the door and saying, "Shut-up, stupid!" I couldn't figure it out until one day I heard Woody yell that at Seth's dog through the window (Toy Story). They pick things up faster than we want them to. She understood quickly that if she said words or phrases from a movie that were unaceptable that the movie would go away.

Lucy's mom said...

Yippee for the veggie eater! Lucy eats her veggies with either mayo or ranch dressing and of course covered in salt! I have a cook book (by Jessica Seinfeld) on how to disguise your veggies for kids...puree/mash cauliflower and add to mashed potatoes, butter, cream and cheddar cheese! He'll never know! :)

I also use dips for everything! Apple slices and other fruits get a blended dip of chocolate sauce or Nutella, peanut butter, sweetened condensed milk and cream. Or vanilla yogurt and honey.

P.S. I love the name of your doggy!! :)

CFMama said...

I have been reading "the SNEAKY chef" and it has wonderful ways to get those veggies hidden in the food.