Monday, August 17, 2009

When it really comes down to it

...we are so blessed. I've been thinking lately about what a miracle Samuel is. He is truly a gift from God. There is no other way around it, he's a miracle. It's just another benefit that he has CF. 

A benefit? What, you say? Surely, Mrs. Samuel's Mommy, you can mean that. Well, I do. See, we have the opportunity to teach others about all kinds of things like, faith and trust, being obedient, and mostly, being thankful for what we have. On Samuel's last clinic visit, I was out of town. But every time we go, I'm reminded of how fortunate we are. We usually have to talk about poop and get new instructions on how to help Samuel get those cherished thigh rolls. We might get a new prescription for a new drug Samuel hasn't been on before or information about a hypertonic saline study. 

Whatever it is, it can sometimes be overwhelming. 

BUT, when we leave, I ALWAYS see another little boy or girl at Phoenix Children's Hospital who doesn't get to go home that day. Sometimes they have a feeding tube and are in a wheelchair. Sometimes they've endured chemo and have lost every strand of hair. It always touches my heart because on THAT day, I get to take my baby back home. We are only there for a visit that day. What a blessing.

Thank you, God , for trusting me and Kevin with this opportunity to be a light for others who don't know you. While admitting we are far from perfect, help us to be a good example. Thank you for this little boy you have given us because he truly is a miracle and a gift from you. Samuel is yours. And thanks for letting me hold him for just a little while.


Miss Riya said...

That was beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Eri, you made me cry.


Mom :)

Teresa G. said...

Hi, My name is Teresa. My 16 yr old son has CF. He is coming up on his 1yr anniversary of a double lung transplant in September. Kudos on the healthcare thing. It's absolute craziness that there isn't more help out there for kids with CF unless you wanna be destitute or living on welfare. Good luck and God Speed!!!

Rachel said...

Hi Erica!!! I just noticed you have a blog too, and enjoyed catching up a bit with your family! So thankful to be able to stay more connected with you now. Your little Samuel is a sweet, sweet boy, and a true blessing. Did my friend Melissa email you about the head strap? Love to you and your family!