Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm taking a stand. Join me?

I decided today that it's time for me to take a stand. I am not going to sit here, with my little man, and wait for this health-care reform to happen without putting up a fight.

While I collect my material and do a bit more research, please read this and think about how it will change the way you use the system you have today.

If you would like to share information with me, please feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks. There WILL be more on this...


Ronnie "Sickboy" Sharpe said...

You let me know what I need to do!


Rebekah said...

Same here. I'm with ya! I will admit I haven't had the time to do much research with my son Ricky (with CF) being in the hospital lately. I need more info!

(And, Hi! I'm Becky! My son was diagnosed when he was a newborn too. I found you through a mutual friend. Following you now.)