Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A long weekend

It's been a long weekend. Not just for the holiday, but other reasons too. 

Let me be honest and say, I wasn't going to talk about this, but there is probably someone else who is or will be doing this at some point in their lives. At any rate, here goes with the true confessions:

I'm 30. (Whew, that wasn't THAT bad!)

A few weeks ago, I found "a lump". The kind of lump women don't like to find. I didn't think it was really bad, but I just wanted to hear someone, who is closer to an expert than I, tell me it was nothing. So I scheduled a doctor's appointment.

I went in for some screening tests and mammogram. Let's just say, this isn't something I would enjoy doing regularly. Again, I'm just waiting for them to look at the results and say "this isn't anything you should worry about."

Instead I hear "This is abnormal and we highly recommend a biospy."

Me: not prepared.

So what made the weekend so long was having a biospy scheduled for Monday, yesterday. And let me just say one thing: 30 is too young for someone to have TWO mammograms within a month!

I'm still waiting for the latest expert in my life to tell me this isn't something to worry about. I'm just remembering, however, I know the Ultimate Expert and He has reminded me that "He was pierced for our transgressions, He was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon Him, and by His wounds we are healed." It will all be OK.

Let's talk about Samuel.

He is doing great. I can't believe I let him play in McDonald's Playland (a.k.a. GermLand) yesterday for longer than 30 seconds. I CAN believe, however, than I pretty much hosed him down with hand sanitizer every time he came out and before we left. It was a friend's birthday, so this special occasion will probably be the ONLY time we will be in there. I was very impressed with his fearless ability to climb and stand up to the bigger kids there playing with him.

This is the ONLY hat he will wear for longer than 3 seconds. It's so cute!

A few weeks ago I had decided to give up trying to keep him from getting the pots and pans out every time we were in the kitchen. He gets them out, I put them away, it's this fun cycle we have going. I decided I don't care that I have to wash them when I want to use them. But Samuel surprised me. He took them all out play while I was working on other things. A few minutes later, I looked down to make sure not to step on a pan and, to my surprise, there weren't any in the floor. Figuring he had taken them all to the other room, I went around the corner to find his trying to close the cabinet door. He had put all of the pots and pans BACK in the cabinet where he found them, he just couldn't get the door completely closed because there were just a few handles sticking out, as you can see below. I'm so glad my requests to "put it back where you found it" haven't COMPLETELY fallen on deaf ears.
Speaking of the little munchkin, I better go take care of him. My evenings are getting shorter and shorter, it seems, since he's napping less and less at Miss Amy's.


RunSickboyRun.com said...

I'm praying that everything comes back clean from your tests...

Also, I wouldn't worry so much about the Mickey D's playland. I'm pretty sure I lived in those things as a kid!


Eri said...

Thanks Ronnie.

Anonymous said...

Just lettin' you know I'm thinking about you! I hope everything turns out great for you!

Miss Riya said...

I'm so excited to hear from you(facebook) I just wanted to comment so you would have a link to my blog. I do most of my communicating and pictures on blogger. Please keep in touch. I'm adding you to my sidebar if that is ok.