Monday, July 27, 2009

The results are in

and, to quote my doctor, "There is no cancer here." I don't need to see him again and I don't need to do anything else that requires a smooshing-type action for another 10 years.

The best "get lost" I've ever heard.

Samuel is getting ready to grow. He has been eating a LOT, even breakfast which usually doesn't interest him. He slept for 13 hours last night - straight through. I better start shopping for some new clothes for his skinny little rumpus.


Samuel peed on the potty today! We haven't officially started potty-training but Miss A is helping him. I think I will spend most of the day Friday and Saturday training us to go every 30 minutes. Fun fun!


Tricia said...

Glad to hear your good news. Waiting for those results is hard, I know. Glad to hear Samuel is doing good, too. God bless.

wvugrads said...

Great news!