Monday, June 2, 2008

June is Family

Yes, June is "family" month at NLBC (New Life Bible Church). Another reminder that I'm a mother and responsible for someone other than myself. Goodness! And what a responsibility it is! We were reminded this morning of what an honor and responsibility it is to raise our children as God would have us. Who knew teaching this little boy would be so much work? Undeniably, a 24-hour, 7-day a week job. But it's SO worth it!

I'm not exactly sure where the month of May went but I realized the other day that Samuel is now 7 months old! He's growing so fast and will be driving before too long. OK, maybe not driving, but I feel like I should start planning his first birthday party now in case it sneaks up on me, which is happening frequently.

In an effort to extend our family, Kevin and I have agreed to help with the junior high class at NLBC. We are extremely excited as we both have always had a special calling toward this group of young people. Call us crazy but we enjoy spending our spare time with some crazy teenagers. I guess you could say we just "adopted" about 15 more kids. We can't wait to get the ball rolling and get class started. So much to do!

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