Friday, June 13, 2008

Update on Samuel

Samuel had a follow-up visit at Phoenix Children's Hospital today and is doing quite well. He is 27.5 inches long, right at the 50th percentile, and 18.5 pounds, around the 50th percentile as well. Dr. O'Hagan, his pulmonologist, said everything is great. His lungs were clear and growth is fine. Like every other visit, he had to have a throat swab. While he didn't cry, he's not sure about it and thinks he might not like it so much the next time.

We are increasing his enzymes to 3 per feeding and increasing salt to 1/8th teaspoon twice a day. And we get to go back in 2 months.

We still don't know much about the hypertonic saline study Samuel is supposed to participate in. It's not up and running yet. We were waiting to retry his infant pulmonary function test (PFT) to be part of the study since he would have to get one before the study begins. But if it doesn't start soon then we will just have to take the chance of having to do it twice. Poor little guy! We didn't have any success the last time because he kept waking up before the test could begin. Turns out he doesn't really like people putting stuff on his face while he tries to sleep.

The best part of the visit? The paper, of course!

After the visit, we came home and had to have an emergency bath. He enjoys playing in the water. And sitting in the kitchen sink.

Thanks for checking in.

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