Monday, June 30, 2008

New house rules, bananas, and true confessions

We have a new rule in our house: if you use the last diaper in the basket, it's your job to replace them. Think like toilet paper. I should have known better than to risk it BUT we haven't experienced the "fountain of youth" in a, many moons ago! ha-ha-ha :) So when I was changing Samuel's diaper and a reached in the basket to find it empty, I SHOULD have covered him with something...anything... before running into his closet for another package of Kirkland diapers (insert shameless plug for Costco diapers. Why haven't I trusted the Kirkland brand sooner? They are the only way to go!). BUT, alas, I didn't cover him up and when I turned around he was shooting right into the laundry basket full of clean clothes! Clean AND folded clothes. What didn't make it in the laundry basket of clean clothes went down the side of the changing table and onto the carpet. I promise, he's working on his aim already. We need to keep working on that.

It was really quiet in the house a few nights ago. Upon investigating, this is what I found.

We have been getting ready for a group birthday party which was tonight. We hosted a birthday party for Kevin, and 2 other friends of ours. All of them have a birthday within a week of each other. It was so nice to get my house cleaned up (yes, I guess I needed a really good reason), my new blinds hung, and cook for a large group. The party was great and I highly recommend the American Idol game for Wii. SO entertaining! Eli and Pastor Tim, be glad I don't have my camera to upload the video. But remember I have it and I'm not afraid to use it. :)

The other day I was sitting in the floor with Samuel, eating a banana, and Samuel seemed very interested. Kevin was home and was able to get some video of Samuel sharing my banana. Looks like Lucy wants to share too!

And look who's trying to get around! Of course, he only face plants for the things he isn't supposed to mom's phone and banana peels.

Today's confession: I'm addicted to Jon & Kate Plus 8. TLC has been playing this frequently. In fact, I believe there was a J & K + 8 marathon this weekend. What's so great about it? Here is where the confession comes in. It is a bit scary to admit that I think, if I were in her shoes (2 sets of multiples under age 7, or however old they are now) I would be very much like her. She is, how do we say this, she maintains control of her home. I have been having my own Jon & Kate Plus 8 marathon lately thanks to DVR. Samuel and I both enjoy this show. The times when I think my life is crazy and how do we get everything done I think, "Kate can take care of her family, make breakfast lunch and dinner for 10 people every day, sweep and MOP her kitchen floor 3 times a day (yes, DAY) do however many loads of laundry, get 9 people bathed, brushed, and dressed, etc." And what did I do today? Well, I've gotten us up and dressed and we are going to the grocery store and dinner may be a little late. Then I realize Kate doesn't have to watch 3 episodes of her own show to get her "fix". In fact, who knows when she got to sit in front of the TV and watch anything with her kids? There is some argument over the tone Kate takes with her husband, but I have my own opinion. I remember this is a reality TV show and these are real people, humans, in fact. And TLC, as honorable as they are, have a job to create a TV show people like me will want to watch. So they probably record this family for, we'll say, 12 hours a day, sometimes dividing themselves as the family separates. And then they edit what they have for a 1/2 hour show. I'm am pretty sure they take the worst of Kate and edit it to make it addicting for people like me to chuckle, shake our heads, and thank God we don't have 8 young kids.

So now that the blinds are hung, the party is over and the Jon & Kate Plus 8 marathon is over, we can start packing for our cross-country trip! Samuel is going to Grandma and Grandpa's! And he is going to see great-Grams and great-Gramps! We can't wait, although we can wait for the 4+ hour plane ride. Samuel doesn't like to sit still, especially on my lap, for that long. And he is so good he only likes to fall asleep in his crib, not my arms. yippy fun yay-rah. This plane ride is gonna be a blast.

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