Friday, June 20, 2008

Just breathe

Samuel is starting to get used to his breathing treatments. We like to do them after he goes to sleep so he won't fight as much but this time he even held the mask to help! There actually is a smile under all that.

It's been so hot here lately but we still try to get out early in the morning for a walk around the neighborhood. That will be so much easier now that we have a new (to us) Jeep jogging stroller! It has a steering wheel complete with gear shift, music button and horn that Samuel was incessantly beeping during our walk this morning. I guess I wasn't going fast enough. Or Lucy wasn't getting out of the way fast enough. One or the other.

We are also getting the house ready for a birthday party for Kevin and some other friends of ours. What am I doing blogging when there are blinds to hang and walls to paint and rooms to clean? I better get busy! I have one week to get ready.

THEN right after that it's East Coast time! Samuel's grandparents need their grandson "fix" so he and his very personal assistant/handler (that would be me, his mother) will be heading out there for a visit. We can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

I see a future fighter pilot! :o)
Erica, I like the new blog. You have a wonderful way with words & this makes it easy to keep up to date. I am going to MISS you while you are gone.