Monday, June 9, 2008

We're having fun, fun, fun!

There is finally rest for the weary! Samuel has slept the past 4 nights completely through the night. No getting up for middle of the night feedings. He goes to bed around 9:30 after a meal of milk and jar of baby food, some CPT, a breathing treatment and story. He wakes up between 6 and 6:30. Kevin and I love to hear him wake up because he will just lay in bed for about 10 minutes and jabber away. He is truly discovering his voice as well. Samuel is so much fun!

As of today, Monday the 9th, we have been at church every day, except one, for 10 days. VBS is this week and we have been helping transform the sanctuary into a space ship. Tonight was Samuel's first VBS service and he didn't know what to think. Kids were all over the place acting out songs. There is a laser light show on the ceiling and some spinning colored lights on the floor...he didn't know where to look first! But it was fun and he was very entertained even if he doesn't have a clue what it's all about.

On Saturday we were having a car wash and it was H-O-T hot. Poor Samuel was sweating so bad, his sweat had poured down his cheek by his ear. Even though I had tried to keep him cool and clean by wiping him with baby wipes, I knew he was going to be super-salty. (People with CF release more salt in their sweat than those without CF). By the time we got into some air conditioning, I could tell where the sweat had dried because there was so much salt on his skin. Time for some more wiping. About an hour later, one of his many girlfriends, Tia, gave him a kiss on his cheek. I told her to lick her lips and she thought I was crazy but finally did it. The look on her face was priceless. She turned up her nose and said "What IS that?" I explained about the salt thing and we all had a good laugh. And Samuel got more salt that day to try to make up for what he lost in his sweat. He also got a nice bath later that night. We had an impromtu photo shoot after that and came up with one of my most favorite pictures of him ever! Yes, that is his thumb.

We have also been having fun playing in Delaney's Jumparoo. Thanks Delaney for sharing your toys! This is a video from Friday afternoon. I'm just making funny noises with my mouth and Samuel is just hanging out. Samuel can get some air when he gets going on this thing!

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